The Sweet Spot Prodigy Pickleball Paddle

The Sweet Spot Prodigy Pickleball Paddle


Endorsed by “Coach Mo”
● Make/Model: The Sweet Spot Prodigy
● Manufacturer: Cyrus Sports LLC
● Surface – Fiberglass
● Core – Polypropylene
● Avg. Weight – 9 oz.
● Paddle Length – 15 in.
● Paddle Width – 9 in.
● Handle Length – 4 1/2 in.
● Grip Type: Thin Grip – 4 1/8 in.
● Mini Edge Guard: 1/8 in.


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Product Description

The Sweet Spot Prodigy Pickleball Paddle is fully endorsed by Coach Mo. A Mini Profile Edge-Guard which maximizes this wide body hitting surface. This paddle was designed to increase the area on the paddle known as “the sweet spot”. By decreasing the distance between the grip and the center of the paddle The Sweet Spot Prodigy provides just the right balance and feel. This paddle offers all skill level players the perfect amount of finesse and control at the NVZ, while still providing just the right amount of power for serves, overheads, smashes and lobs. Meets USAPA Pickleball Paddle Standards and is approved for Pickleball Tournament play.



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