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Online Pickleball Strategy Guide

Welcome to the online Pickleball Strategy Guide. Here you'll find lots of useful Pickleball Strategies and Techniques to help you improve your Pickleball game. Just click any of the links on the left and you can read all about that specific pickleball strategy or technique.

Pickleball Strategy Guide

Know Your Pickleball Opponents

1. Do they try and hit every ball hit to them, even balls that would have gone out? If so, hit much faster at them then you normally would. You have nothing to lose.

2. Does your opponent stay at the baseline and not move forward to the net?

3. Does your opponent hit all there volleys on the same side of their paddle. If so, they are vulnerable if you hit low to the backhand.

4. Does your opponent handle fast balls well. If so, hit soft balls to them and visa versa.

5. Does your opponent have trouble returning under spin balls?

6. Does your opponent like to poach.

7. If you do not know your opponent then keep the ball as low as possible and on the backhand side until you have a chance to make a book on him.

8. Which one of your opponents is the weaker player. A team is only as strong as its weakest player and the weakest player is only as strong as his weakest shot.

9. How fast are your opponents, then you will know whether to drop or lob.

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