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Online Pickleball Strategy Guide

Welcome to the online Pickleball Strategy Guide. Here you'll find lots of useful Pickleball Strategies and Techniques to help you improve your Pickleball game. Just click any of the links on the left and you can read all about that specific pickleball strategy or technique.

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Pickleball Strategy Guide

Pickleball Definitions

Ground Stroke - A ball that is hit after it bounces.


Volley - A ball that is hit before it touches the ground.


Lob - A ball that is hit over your opponents head and bounces inside the baseline.


Unforced Error - When a player misses a shot that is not very difficult.


No Volley Zone - (NVZ or Kitchen) - The area of the court between the net and the front line of the serving boxes.


Backhand - When hitting the ball on your left side of your body for right handed players and the opposite for left hand players.


Forehand - When hitting the ball on your right side of your body for right handed players and the opposite for left hand players.


3/4 Winner - Not hitting a shot the fastest that you are capable of hitting so you will not sacrifice placement for power.


Split Step - When both feet are parallel to each other and ready to cross in either direction.


Cross Step - From a split step position moving your right foot toward the left post or left foot toward the right post without moving your other foot at all.


Pure Winner - When your opponent never even touches your shot.


Top Spin - When a player makes the ball spin away from him low to high, the ball tends to drop because the contact of paddle of the ball is up and over the ball.


Underspin - A player makes the ball spin toward his body high to low, the ball tends to rise because the contact point of paddle is high to low.


Overhead - A ball hit at center of paddle from a point as high as you can reach over your head.


Drop Volley - A soft hit ball that is placed just over the net with an underspin on the ball so it won't bounce high.


Poach - When a player cuts in front of his partner to take his shot.


Continental Grip - When the point of the V between your thumb and index finger is placed at the middle of the top of the handle when your paddle is perpendicular to the ground.

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