What is the Pickleball Community Toolbar?
Watch the video and read below to learn more.

The toolbar will look similar to this image when installed.

Q: What is a Toolbar?
A: A Toolbar is a small banner that displays itself just below your current browser's banner. (you may already have one from yahoo?)

Q: What are the benefits of having a Toolbar?
A: Toolbars contain useful links and provide instant notifications of various information, depending on the Toolbar.

Q: Why would I need this Toolbar?
A: Our Toolbar is the only Toolbar that has several Pickleball Community links, Community updates and notifies you of information that matters to you "Pickleball".

Q: What information will I receive from this Toolbar?
A: You'll be instantly notified of any fresh content that is posted on or within the growing Pickleball Communities.

Q: Do I need to register or buy something to get this Toolbar?
A: No. The Toolbar is 100% Free, Safe and Secure. Simply click the banner above to start the installation. Or to get it.

Q: Should I be concerned about my internet security from installing and using this Toolbar?
A: No. This Toolbar is completely safe to download and install. If you're not satisfied with it, simply uninstall it.

Q: I already have a Yahoo or other Toolbar installed. Can I keep both?
A: Yes, you can keep both. However, our toolbar will include everything your other Toolbar offers. You may also keep both Toolbars at the same time.

Q: Sounds Great! How do I install the Toolbar?
A: Simply click the "Download Toolbar" button above to get started. (next to the video above)

Note: The toolbar currently only works on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Once you've downloaded and installed the Toolbar, now learn how to get the most from it.

Clicking this logo will take you directly to

Clicking this little down arrow will display the following choices:
Tell a Friend: If you click this, you can recommend our Toolbar to your friends.
Homepage: If you click this, you will go to the homepage.
About: If you click this, you can see information about the Toolbar.
Contact Us: If you click this, you can contact us with questions or concerns about anything.
Refresh Toolbar: If you click this, the Toolbar will refresh itself.
Clear Search History: If you click this, you will clear your Toolbars search history.
Shrink Toolbar: If you click this, your toolbar will show only the images and no text.
Toolbar Options: If you click this, a window will pop up and give you many options to customize the toolbar. Experiment with these options to suit you.

Clicking this magnifying glass image will display the following choices:
Search: If you click this, you will use google to search the entire web when you search a term or phrase.
Search If you click this, you will search when you search a term or phrase.
Search This Site: If you click this you will search the content of the website you are currently viewing.
Dictionary/News/Stocks: If you click either of these you will search from that particular area.

Point and click your mouse here in the white space and type in a search term. Depending on what you have selected above, your search will be completed accordingly.

Clicking this little down arrow will show your search history.

To adjust the size of your search box; simply point, click, hold and drag left or right to resize.

Clicking "Go" will start your search from the terms that you typed in the box.

Clicking "Site Links" will display the following choices:
Sign In: Click this to sign in to
Pickleball Strategy Guide: Click this to go directly to the Pickleball Strategy Guide.
Community Forums: Click this to go directly to the Forums.
Training Photos: Click this to view all the Training Photos from
Training Videos: Click this to view all the Training Videos from
Members Gallery: Click this to view all the photos or videos that members are sharing on
Community Calendar: Click this to view the Community Calendar.
Visit the p-Store: Click this to visit one of our online stores.
Visit the e-Store: Click this to visit one of our online stores.

Clicking "Communities" will display a list of helpful links to other Pickleball Communities from all over the internet.

Clicking "Feeds" will display a list of Pickleball Community Websites that provide instant information, notices and updates. When one of the listed websites posts content, updates information or announces something on their website, the "Feeds" button on the Toolbar will notify you of this by displaying a number (as indicated above [6]). When the Toolbar indicates there has been an update simply click on the "Feeds" button, scroll down the list, then select which information you would like to read by clicking on its title.

*optional feature
You can enable this feature from the "Toolbar Options" menu.

This will say "Email Notifier" when you first enable this on the Toolbar. Follow the instructions below to set up your email notifier.
1. Click "Email Notifier"
2. Click "Settings"
3. Click "Add"
4. Choose your CURRENT account type. i.e. yahoo, google, comcast
5. Fill in your CURRENT E-mail Address. i.e.
6. Type in your CURRENT password to your E-mail account.
7. Name your account. i.e. Yahoo Email, Gmail
8. Click "Test e-mail account". This will test to ensure you have filled out the form correctly.
9. After the test is complete, click "OK"
10. You should now see your e-mail account listed. Click "OK".
11. Your email notifier is now set up.
To add additional email accounts, click on the mail image, then click on settings. Repeat steps 3 through 10.
NOTICE: Mozilla Firefox Users: Comcast or similar POP3 email account currently is not available with the Toolbar. We will notify everyone when this update is available.

After you have set up the email notifier, you will now have the following choices when you click the mail image.
Your E-Mail Name: i.e. Yahoo Email, Gmail. Click this to go to your email account.
Check for new e-mails: Click this to check for new emails. (the email notifier automatically checks for new emails every 5 minutes by default)
Settings: Click this to "Add" more or "Edit" email accounts and change how the notifier works.

This will automatically show the current temperature in your area. By clicking this, a window will pop up and show you more information about the weather and allow you to make changes on how this works.

This is the pop up blocker. Activating this will help block those annoying pop ups that some websites try to fill your screen with.

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