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Online Pickleball Strategy Guide

Welcome to the online Pickleball Strategy Guide. Here you'll find lots of useful Pickleball Strategies and Techniques to help you improve your Pickleball game. Just click any of the links on the left and you can read all about that specific pickleball strategy or technique.

Pickleball Strategy Guide

Pickleball Serving

Never Miss Your Serve because you are hitting too hard, an especially important part of the


Your opponents only need a pulse to win the point if you miss the serve. Give them a chance to lose.

Also, your partner will lose confidence in you if you keep missing your serve.

After serving, step back one step behind the baseline.

There are two reasons for this.

(1) The ball must land in front of you not at your feet.

(2) It will be easier to see if your opponents return is going to be out.

If your opponent has the ability to hit a drop shot, be prepared to quickly run forward.

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