12 Reasons why you may have lost the point in Pickleball

Here are a dozen reasons why you may have lost a point.

1. I Hit the ball to high and not at opponent’s toes.
2. I Did not aim my shoulder and the face of paddle motionless at my target before I made contact with the ball.
3. I Did not slit step early enough. I was still moving at the point of contact of my opponent’s hit.
4. I was in no person’s land and not 1 ” from the no volley zone line which exposed my toes and made an error.
5. I did not step back one and a half feet behind the base line after I served and missed the 3rd hit because the ball landed at my toes.
6. I did not give myself enough leeway for error on my shot.
7. I hit the ball too fast and too deep for me to be accurrate and consistant.
8. I forgot which direction the wind was blowing and did not play the wind.
9. I hit an opponent’s ball that was going out of play.The wind was at my opponent’s back and the contact point was below the net and he was hitting the ball too fast.
10. I missed a low % angle shot rather than take a high % shot down the middle of court to the left opponent’s left foot. 80% DOWN THE MIDDLE AND 20% ANGLE SHOTS. Angle shots are used to work the point unless you are 4.5 of 5.0 player who practices an awful lot and can consistantly make angle shots.
11. I did not watch the ball hit my paddle at my point of contact of the ball. I looked up too soon and should have made a sound to myself at exactly my point of contact of the ball on my paddle to be sure I was watching the ball.
12. I hit the return of serve too fast for my speed to able to get to the NVZ line before the serving team touched the ball again and made the third hit.I had to play the ball in no person’s land and I did not take advantage of myself and my partner being in a highest % spot on the court 1″ from the NVZ line early in a balanced and ready position.