Attributes of a 5.0 Pickleball Player

Attributes of a 5.0 Pickleball Player

1.You have excellent SHOT SELECTION knowing THE RISKS AND REWARDS of each shot that you take in relation to:
The score.
The difficulty of the shot.
Opponents strengths.
Knowing your own ability limits.
Enough leeway for error for each shot.

2.You are a STUDENT OF THE GAME knowing the value of long and intense PRACTICE SESSIONS. Understanding that the game is just an extension of practice and that PRACTICE develops confidence, patience, accuracy, and consistency during big points. Which are important to have very few unforced errors.

3. Able to slow the game down and return very difficult shots back low into the NVZ or at your opponents toes from ANYWHERE on the court or from behind the baseline.

4. Able to be PRO – ACTIVE rather than just REACTIVE at the point of contact of your opponents touching the ball.
Pro – active
Anticipating out balls early.
Reaching into the NVZ IN ANTICIPATION of a possible put away shot from your opponent.
Anticipating early, where your opponent’s shot will land.

5. Able to be accurate and consistent when disguising a MISDIRECTION SHOT.

6. Have excellent TECHNIQUE for all pickleball shots.

7. Able to consistently disguise and roll the ball at your opponents hitting arm CLAVICLE and be pro – active if the ball is returned.

8. Have exceptional speed with excellent and efficient FOOTWORK at the proper time.
Split step
Side step
Cross step
Scissors kick jump when necessary.

9. Knows the value of excellent positive COMMUNICATION with your doubles partner.