Additional Pickleball Strategies

Additional Pickleball Strategies by Coach Mo

Offensive Move for Advanced Pickleball Players

Offensive move for advanced players. Placing your shot at your opponent’s right clavicle if the player is right handed. The opposite for left handed players. It is is a very awkward and difficult area to hit the ball from. (It is a chicken wing position). It takes a lot of practice, accuracy and ability to […]

In Pickleball the best offense is a good defense

THE BEST OFFENSE IS A GOOD DEFENSE AGAINST CERTAIN OPPONENTS Size up your opponents before you play your match and decide if you and your partner are steadier then your opponents.(do they make more unforced errors ) If you feel that you are steadier, then be patient and keep the ball in play with high […]

Size up your opponents

Size up your opponents before and while you are playing to find their weakness. 1. Is there a lefty opponent? Watch for when both backhands are to the middle of court and hit the ball closer to the the weaker player’s backhand. 2. Is your opponent hitting their forehand and backhand on the same side […]

Teaching Pickleball Ambassadors Coaching Techniques

1.INTRODUCTION – Tips for being a better coach. Arrive at your clinic early to be sure everything is set up properly. Make it clear that you have a passion for coaching. Be a student of the game. Look into all opinions from other coaches of how the game could be played and use what seems […]