Pickleball Strategy Guide

Pickleball Strategy Guide by Coach Mo

Pickleball Guide Preface

Have Fun! It is only a game. Richard Movsessian is a former USTA 4.5 ranked doubles player and tennis teaching professional. He is a certified member of the United States Professional Tennis Association. He was a Boys Varsity Tennis Coach and a Tennis Teaching Pro for 30 years. He now resides in The Villages in […]

Pickleball Definitions

Ground Stroke – A ball that is hit after it bounces. Volley – A ball that is hit before it touches the ground. Lob – A ball that is hit over your opponents head and bounces inside the baseline. Unforced Error – When a player misses a shot that is not very difficult. No Volley […]

Pickleball Guide Review

1: Be in ready position early! Stopped with feet parallel to each other at the point of contact of ball on your opponents paddle. 2: Placement is more important than power. Hit at your opponents feet or bounce the ball beside them. Do not sacrifice placement for power. 3: Hit to your opponents weakest players […]

Extra Pickleball Strategies

1. When you are learning to play pickleball, never avoid hitting your backhand ground strokes or volleys. If you avoid hitting your backhand you will never master the stroke. 2. When playing during a windy day keep track of the wind speed and direction constantly because it does change at times. If you play the […]