Pickleball Strategy Guide

Pickleball Strategy Guide by Coach Mo

Pickleball Drop Volley Technique

1. Use Continental Grip with the bottom two fingers tight and the top three fingers a light grip. 2. Paddle motion is from high to low (half moon,) paddle face finishes parallel to the ground. 3. Elbow and knee are bent. 4. Short backswing. 5. Punch the ball (which is full extension at elbow joint). […]

Pickleball Overhead Technique

1. Grip – Continental Grip (same as all other strokes). 2. Turn your body so that your shoulders and body are parallel to the flight of the lobed ball. 3. Keep your feet parallel and move them forward and back until the ball in the air is a little more in front of your body […]

Pickleball Backhand Groundstroke

For right handed players: 1. Run to a spot where the ball will be waist high or as close to waist high as possible in your ready position. 2. Set your feet in a closed stance position (side by side) pointing your right shoulder and looking over your right shoulder toward your target then step […]

Pickleball Forehand Groundstroke

Right Handed Players: 1. Ready your paddle back into position to stroke the ball with your left hand. The paddle grip should be a continental grip with the butt end of the handle pointing towards the on coming ball and the paddle is level. 2. Step toward the ball with your left foot and make […]