Pickleball Tip of the Month

How to defend against lobbing opponents in Pickleball

How to Defend Against Lobbing Opponents 1. Pick a fast partner. 2. If the wind is very fast.Try to keep it at your back because it will make their lobs sit in the air and help you hit an overhead shot. 3. If both players are lobbing and you are losing a lot of points […]

Attributes of a 5.0 Pickleball Player

Attributes of a 5.0 Pickleball Player 1.You have excellent SHOT SELECTION knowing THE RISKS AND REWARDS of each shot that you take in relation to: The score. The difficulty of the shot. Opponents strengths. Knowing your own ability limits. Enough leeway for error for each shot. 2.You are a STUDENT OF THE GAME knowing the […]

Offensive Move for Advanced Pickleball Players

Offensive move for advanced players. Placing your shot at your opponent’s right clavicle if the player is right handed. The opposite for left handed players. It is is a very awkward and difficult area to hit the ball from. (It is a chicken wing position). It takes a lot of practice, accuracy and ability to […]

In Pickleball the best offense is a good defense

THE BEST OFFENSE IS A GOOD DEFENSE AGAINST CERTAIN OPPONENTS Size up your opponents before you play your match and decide if you and your partner are steadier then your opponents.(do they make more unforced errors ) If you feel that you are steadier, then be patient and keep the ball in play with high […]