Pickleball Tip of the Month

Size up your opponents

Size up your opponents before and while you are playing to find their weakness. 1. Is there a lefty opponent? Watch for when both backhands are to the middle of court and hit the ball closer to the the weaker player’s backhand. 2. Is your opponent hitting their forehand and backhand on the same side […]

Teaching Pickleball Ambassadors Coaching Techniques

1.INTRODUCTION – Tips for being a better coach. Arrive at your clinic early to be sure everything is set up properly. Make it clear that you have a passion for coaching. Be a student of the game. Look into all opinions from other coaches of how the game could be played and use what seems […]

How To Practice Pickleball More Efficiently

1. Do not just hit balls. 2. Get the most out of every practice. 3. Practice with a purpose. ( Practice using game situations drills ). 4. Have a target and call out the target on every shot. Hit about 20 balls in a row to each target. 5. Break the game down into sections […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Pickleball Technique

1. POINT YOUR SHOULDER. Point your shoulder towards your target when hitting on the backhand side on all shots and point your left shoulder toward your target on forehand side on all shots. 2. AIM YOUR PADDLE MOTIONLESS. Aim your paddle motionless where you think you will be making contact with the ball early before […]