How to defend against lobbing opponents in Pickleball

How to Defend Against Lobbing Opponents

1. Pick a fast partner.
2. If the wind is very fast.Try to keep it at your back because it will make their lobs sit in the air and help you hit an overhead shot.
3. If both players are lobbing and you are losing a lot of points then when your opponent takes his eyes off of you to watch the ball; take two or three steps back and hit an overhead.If a ball should go over your head. Watch and see how your opponent strokes the ball so you can anticipate how the ball will bounce so you can catch up to it.If your opponent strokes the ball from low to high then you must run about three steps past where the ball bounces because it will jump away from you and cause an error.
4. If only one opponent is lobbing then hit to the one that is not lobbing.
5. If both opponents are lobbing good then check and see if they only lob from their forehand side. If they do then keep the ball to their backhand.
If you see your opponent drops the face of their paddle and is pointing it towards the ground then it should warn you that he is about to lob.
Make a book on your opponents and try to figure out where and when they like lob so can have a jump on the ball and not be surprised.
6. When the ball is lobbed over your head use my best shot which is calling out “yours” to my partner to go back at an angle and return it. After I yell yours then I should slide over sideways and switch sides of the court.
7. If the ball is lobbed. The first player to say “mine” should take it or someone may get hurt.