How To Practice Pickleball More Efficiently

1. Do not just hit balls.
2. Get the most out of every practice.
3. Practice with a purpose. ( Practice using game situations drills ).
4. Have a target and call out the target on every shot. Hit about 20 balls in a row to each target.
5. Break the game down into sections and practice each section.
Ground stroke, volley, dink, overhead stroke,serve and return of serve.
Make targets with chalk on the court.
Hit down the line, middle, and cross court.
Work on accuracy and consistency.
Only hit the ball as fast as you can be ACCURATE and CONSISTENT.
Practice adding pace until you become ACCURATE and CONSISTENT at
that faster pace.
6. Play points out on half the doubles court and do not keep score so you will
try things that need improvement.
7. The game is just an extension of practice and practice will make you more
mentally tough.
8. If you are a serious player, you will enjoy practicing efficiently and become
a much better player.