Offensive Move for Advanced Pickleball Players

Offensive move for advanced players.

Placing your shot at your opponent’s right clavicle if the player is right handed. The opposite for left handed players. It is is a very awkward and difficult area to hit the ball from. (It is a chicken wing position).
It takes a lot of practice, accuracy and ability to make this shot and be accurate and consistent.
The shot is made when YOU are up at the NVZ line dinking with your opponent.

When, where and how to hit the ball.
1. If your OPPONENT is at the NVZ line the best place to hit the ball is when it bounces about half way between the net and the NVZ line because your opponent has very little time to react to your shot especially if it is well disguised.
2. Your target is a soft topspin shot to your opponents right clavicle.
If your opponent should jump aside and let the ball go by him it should land about one or two feet from the baseline.
3. If you see that you have hit a well placed shot and your opponent decides to hit your shot back. You should anticipate a weak shot and be ready EARLY to put it away.
4. Chances are good they will miss the shot but you must expect it to be returned.

Keys to the point:

  1. Practice.
  2. Disguise your shot.
  3. Aim for clavicle.
  4. Give yourself enough LEEWAY for error on the distance from the baseline. The distance depends on your playing ability.
  5. Hit a low to high soft topspin shot. Do not over hit the ball it is not necessary.
  6. If you see your opponent’s paddle down low go for this shot.

How to defend against this type of strategy:
If you know your opponent has this shot then keep your paddle up high to be ready for the clavicle shot and try to block it back low.