Pickleball Backhand Groundstroke

For right handed players:

1. Run to a spot where the ball will be waist high or as close to waist high as possible in your ready position.

2. Set your feet in a closed stance position (side by side) pointing your right shoulder and looking over your right shoulder toward your target then step with your front foot toward your target.

3. Bend your knees on low balls and keep your head and body down all through the shot and follow thru.

4. Point the butt end of your handle like a gun at the ball.

5. Paddle face should be perpendicular to ground.

6. Paddle head should start below the flight of the ball (low to high).

7. Contact point should be out in front of the spot you plant your front foot.

8. Keep a firm wrist at contact and you will be more consistent. (do not roll your wrist at contact unless you are an advanced player)

9. Watch the ball hit your paddle.(making a sound to yourself at exactly the point of contact of ball on your paddle will help)

10. Make a long follow through in the direction of your target. Pretend you are hitting four balls in a row will help.

11. Quickly after your bull follow thru get back to your ready position for the next shot.