Pickleball Drop Volley Technique

1. Use Continental Grip with the bottom two fingers tight and the top three fingers a light grip.

2. Paddle motion is from high to low (half moon,) paddle face finishes parallel to the ground.

3. Elbow and knee are bent.

4. Short backswing.

5. Punch the ball (which is full extension at elbow joint).

6. Meet the ball early and out in front of the body.

7. Do not drop the paddle head below your wrist. If racquet head is locked firm above your wrist then skin wrinkles can be seen on your wrist.

8. Slide your paddle under the ball (like turning a key in a door) to put an underspin on the ball. The ball will bounce low when it drops over the net.

9. Keep your head down and eyes glued to the spot that you made contact with the ball for as long as possible.

10. Paddle head should follow through in the direction you want the ball to go.

11. Tip – Make a sound to yourself at exactly the time the ball makes contact with your paddle. Not too soon or too late. This will make sure you are watching the ball hit the paddle.