Pickleball Forehand Groundstroke

Right Handed Players:

1. Ready your paddle back into position to stroke the ball with your left hand. The paddle grip should be a continental grip with the butt end of the handle pointing towards the on coming ball and the paddle is level.

2. Step toward the ball with your left foot and make contact with the ball opposite the spot that your planted your foot. Point your left shoulder at your target.

3. Keep your left hand out in front of your body with your palm facing the ground at the same hight as your paddle and this will help keep you balanced.

4. Watch the ball make contact on you paddle and make sound to yourself at the exact moment the ball touches your paddle. This will help you watch the ball more consistently.

5. Keep a firm wrist and pretend you are hitting four balls lined up in a row during your follow through. Follow through in the direction of your target.

6. When hitting a low forehand shot bend your knees with your right knee as close to the ground as possible that stay down all the way through the shot.

7. Quickly return to your ready position.