Pickleball Overhead Technique

1. Grip – Continental Grip (same as all other strokes).

2. Turn your body so that your shoulders and body are parallel to the flight of the lobed ball.

3. Keep your feet parallel and move them forward and back until the ball in the air is a little more in front of your body and as high in the air as the center of your paddle can reach.

4. Point your left hand at the ball while readying your paddle. About ear height and making sure paddle face is completely flat at the point of contact for extra power.

5. Keep head and chin up and watch the spot that the ball contacts the paddle long after your follow through.

6. A split second before contacting the ball, pronate your wrist to disguise your shot and the paddle will contact the ball flat and this will get more power on the overhead.

7. After setting the paddle, the overhead is all wrist. Just step towards your target, point your left shoulder towards the target and snap your wrist with same motion as you would snap a whip. Pretend you are throwing the paddle at the ball.

8. If you don’t have time to move your feet at least turn your shoulders and waist for more power and placement.

9. If you have to jump in the air to hit the overhead use the scissors kick method. If you live in The Villages in Florida, find “Mo” and ask him. It is too hard to explain, it must be demonstrated and you must be able to leave the ground with both feet.