The Guardian 2 Pickleball Paddle by Coach Mo


Endorsed by “Coach Mo”
● Make/Model: The Guardian ll
● Manufacturer: Engage Pickleball
● Surface – “Chemically Bonded” Fiberglass Composite
● Core – Polymer Honeycomb
● Avg. Weight – 8.2 oz.
● Paddle Length – 15 1/2 in.
● Paddle Width – 8 1/2 in.
● Handle Length – 5 in.
● Grip Type: Gamma – 4 1/4 in.
● Mini Edge Guard: 1/4 in.
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Product Description

The Guardian 2 Pickleball Paddle signature series by Coach Mo.
Q: What’s the difference between this paddle and the other paddles Coach Mo endorses?
A: This paddle is almost 1 oz. lighter, has a 5″ handle, the hitting surface is 1/2″ narrower and overall height is 1/2″ taller.
Q: What’s the difference between the Coach Mo Guardian ll and the standard Guardian ll?
A: The paddle provides a more solid feel at contact which enhances control and ball placement. The paddle also has a larger sweet spot and is slightly heavier (which some players prefer… including Coach Mo of course).
Guardian 2 Standard: 7.6 – 7.9 oz.
Guardian 2 Coach Mo Signature: 8.0 – 8.2 oz.
The Guardian II ‘Widebody’ was designed from the ground up to create a paddle that harnesses the power natively found in Polymer cores and combine it with the ultimate in control and ball forgiveness. This was achieved by designing a new ‘core’ and proprietary ‘chemically bonded’ skin. The control will be in your hands to place the ball where you want. With the oversized head, you’ll be able to block those hard hits that are meant to intimidate you, and better yet, place them where your opponents are not. Impart spin when and where needed. Have plenty of power to put the ball away. Meets USAPA Pickleball Paddle Standards and is approved for Pickleball Tournament play.

Verified Customer: Bob
Guardian 2

Ordered the newly released Guardian 2. Received in working 4 days of the order. Ordered this paddle as I had been trying to replace an original Sweet Spot that had basically worn-out. Had purchased three (3) other premium paddles trying to find a replacement for the Sweet Spot and was not pleased with any of them. Saw the new Guardian 2 and said let’s see. Played 3 times since receiving and can say it is what I was looking for. Good feel and control. Very happy.

Verified Customer: Jerry Bigenho

Ordered Sat. afternoon& received my paddle Thur. morning.
Everything went very smooth.

Verified Customer: Phil Wenzel

I was looking for a different paddle, and knowing Coach Mo personally I was able to demo the equipment. Purchasing on the web site was very easy and my new paddle arrived within a few days. Many people I play with have recommended Coach Mo’s paddle as I am looking forward to years of good use.

Verified Customer: William Helvie
Coach Mo’s Oversized Paddle

I love this paddle. I have played with the paddle two days and already feel in more control. The paddle has a pop when I return shots in the large sweet spot. The only change I made to the paddle was adding another wrap on the handle to make it’s handle a little larger.

Verified Customer: Stan Greenberg
Great Paddle

I like the increased weight, texture and control of the new Coach Mo paddle.
Easy to order online, and quick service.

Verified Customer: John
A Surprise Winner

Buying a new paddle while in love with my current one made little sense, but I tried the new Coach Mo Signature. I wasn’t impressed by the feel when it arrived. Then I played with it. Now I’m impressed with its power and control, and it’s now my paddle of choice. Thanks.

Verified Customer: Jeff Hopkins

My initial use of the racquet my reaction was that it was a good ground stroke paddle and my doinks worked. I play pickle ball like ping pong with a lot of spins. My second time using the paddle I was much more effective with my spins off the paddle.

Verified Customer: Larry Brennan
Excellent Paddle

Coach Moe’s new paddle has met all my expectations. The texture of the paddle surface provides good feel of the ball and the wide sweet spot makes it very forgiving. I have already started recommending it to the group I play with in The Villages.

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