The Sweet Spot MAXX Pickleball Paddle


Endorsed by “Coach Mo”
● Make/Model: The Sweet Spot “MAXX”
● Aluminum Core
● Surface – Fiberglass
● Core – Aluminum
● Avg. Weight – 9 oz.
● Paddle Length – 15 in.
● Paddle Width – 9 in.
● Handle Length – 4 1/2 in.
● Grip Type: Thin Grip – 4 1/8 in.
● Mini Edge Guard: 1/8 in.
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Product Description

The Sweet Spot MAXX Pickleball Paddle is fully endorsed by Coach Mo. A Mini Profile Edge-Guard which maximizes this wide body hitting surface. This paddle was designed to increase the area on the paddle known as “the sweet spot”. By also decreasing the distance between the grip and the center of the paddle, this allows players more control during all styles of play. This paddle combines both control and power, which is essential for both new and advanced players of the game. Meets USAPA Pickleball Paddle Standards and is approved for Pickleball Tournament play.

Verified Customer: Duke from Boca Raton

I researched the different units, and found that this paddle met all my requirements, and had excellent reviews.

Verified Customer: Robert Wilburn

Recommended to friends,one plans to purchase a paddle.

Verified Customer: Ronald Curry

I am very satisfied with my new Coach Mo Max paddle. I have a vision problem that makes striking the sweetspot very difficult. This new paddle has reduced my miss hits by at least fifty percent.

Verified Customer: Anne Barrett

The paddle has a great sweet spot. I am a general dentist and think I need to make sure I brush my teeth after playing!The grip is comfortable

Verified Customer: Esta Gladstone

I love this paddle and feel that the shortness of the handle helps you have better control of your shots. It feels good in my hand and looks attractive to me.

Verified Customer: Craig Atwood

the handle was too short for me, but who knows down the road i may order it again when i know more about the game because the weight and head size was great

Verified Customer: Elizabeth T.

This is a great paddle! I believe it has improved my overall game.

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