Size up your opponents

Size up your opponents before and while you are playing to find their weakness.

1. Is there a lefty opponent?
Watch for when both backhands are to the middle of court and hit the ball closer to the the weaker player’s backhand.
2. Is your opponent hitting their forehand and backhand on the same side of their paddle?
If so, keep the ball low to their backhand because it is exceptionally difficult to be accurate and consistent hitting this way.
3. If your opponent was an ex racquetball player or just wristy and flicks their wrist early.
You must stop and split step earlier than you normally do or you will not be balanced and ready for their shot.
4. Does your opponent ever let your out balls go out?
If so,hit the ball to that person a little harder than you normally would because they will save it from going out.
5. Do your opponents poach a lot.
If so,hit to where you last saw your opponents toes because they probably won’t be their after you hit the ball. Poacher’s love the ball to there right or left away from them. They will move as soon as you take your eyes off of them.
6. If your opponents do not split step.
Put the ball at their toes while they are still moving.
7. Tall players are also weaker between the toes.
8. Do your opponent’s have a great overhead and move back quickly?
If so, do not lob.
9. Do they like to bang the ball or like the soft game better?
Play to their weakness.
10. Are they very fast runners or slow?
If fast do not drop shot them. If slow and you have a consistent drop shot
drop them.
11. Know what they like to do in certain situations and try to anticipate them early.