Teaching Pickleball Ambassadors Coaching Techniques

1.INTRODUCTION – Tips for being a better coach.
Arrive at your clinic early to be sure everything is set up properly.
Make it clear that you have a passion for coaching.
Be a student of the game. Look into all opinions from other coaches of how the game could be played and use what seems excellent to you.
Make it clear that when you critic your students that you have their best interest at heart and are trying to make them a smarter player.
Have students wear name tags or try to memorize each person’s name.
Be personal and use students names as much as possible.
Buy a lot of new outfits so you look like you know what you are talking about.
When teaching the higher levels mention that you are not going to drastically change their game but add to it.
Explain that your goal is to try and convince them that what you are teaching them is proper and it is percentage strategy and technique.
Make your lessons fun for your students by making some jokes while teaching.
Sometimes, to get your point across you will have to say the same thing five different ways before your student will under stand. Be patient.
Tell the students that you would love to have them ask questions.
Do not over teach at the level that you are teaching. As they improve add things to their game.
Stress safety.Explain all the dangers of playing.
Make sure you find and get a good liability insurance company. Very important!
Have enough seating so players can be comfortable while you are teaching strategy.

Chalk court before clinic.
Introduce all coaches.
Explain clinic goals. Game strategies and stroke technique –    % play,best % position to play on court, best % place to hit the ball.
Ask students to ask questions if they do not understand anything.
Tell them you will make them a smarter % player.
Go over all safety tips.
Things to do and look for before starting to play the game. Good warm – up, look for lefties, wind, etc.
Least unforced errors wins most of the time.
Every time that you touch the ball your target should be low at your opponents toes preferably the left persons left foot.
Only hit the ball as fast and deep as you can be accurate and consistent.
80% of your shots should be down the middle and 20% angle shots.
Give yourself enough leeway for error.
Master the power game and have a steady soft game.
Return of serve strategy and serve strategy.
Stress the importance of practice and how to properly practice.The game is an extension of practice. Show students some good drills to use.

Teach ready positions.
Teach different types of stances.open and closed
Teach efficient footwork – side step,cross step,split step,and scissors kick.
Explain all types or strokes.
How to teach stroke technique for – volley, overhead, dink, ground strokes, serve, and drop volley.
a. Explanation + Mime –  students mime the stroke during coach’s step by step explanation.
b. Demonstration – by coach
c. Participation – by students
d. Evaluation – coach’s critics each student.

Explain rating procedure for rating clinics.