Pickleball the Board Game – Drops and Lobbers


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Drops and Lobbers – Pickleball the Board Game
The Pickleball Board Game that everyone will want to play “One More Game!”
Become the first “Single” player or first “Doubles” team to become 5.0 players. Use Strategy and Skill Cards to block your opponents return shots or steal the serve. The more you serve.. the more you increase your chance to get a point, move ahead and ultimately win the game!

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● Drops & Lobbers – Pickleball the Board Game
● Two, Three or Four Players – “Singles” or “Doubles”
● 3 Game Levels – “Beginner/Practice” – “Intermediate” – “Advanced”
● Select from 10 Pickleball Characters to play as, each with their own “Nice Shot” and “Bad Shot”
● This Pickleball Board Game uses various Strategy Cards, Skill Cards, Play Cards and game dice.
Your Pickleball board game includes the following items:
Box, 1 quad-fold game board, 4 color plastic player board pieces, 4 color plastic character holders, 3 playing dice, 45 Play Cards, 15 Strategy Cards, 15 Skill Cards, 10 Character Cards, 10 Characters, 1 ball w/stand, 1 net w/stand.

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