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    Top Selling Pickleball DVD

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    All Skill Levels

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    Over 7000 DVD's Sold

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What Pickleball players are saying about Coach Mo's DVD

Reviews from actual owners of the Pickleball Clinics DVD

"We bought this for our club use. Several members have checked it out and were impressed at the coaching tips- valuable for both beginner and the more advanced player"
Bob Welch
Bob Welch
Litchfield, NH
"Focuses on the basics but includes tips for the full range of the game. Especially like the "ready position freeze move when your opponent makes contact" advice. Also good advice on higher percentage error elimination strategy"
John Pope
John Pope
Anacortes, WA
"I have just been playing a month.The video helped me especially the spin shots"
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson
Lake Havasu City, AZ

    Who is Coach Mo?

    Richard Movsessian aka "Mo" taught High School Physical Education for 29 years in MA and coached boys varsity tennis for 10 years. He was selected coach of the year in 1979. "Mo" is a former 4.5 ranked Doubles Player who played on the 1996 USTA Florida State Championship 4.5 Doubles Team. After retiring from teaching he became a certified member of the United States Professional Tennis Association and as a Teaching Pro gave private tennis lessons.
    In 2010, Mo (at the age of 70) and his partner were 35+ Men's Doubles Silver Medalists in pickleball at the USAPA Nationals Championships in Buckeye, Arizona. Today, Mo's Pickleball Clinics DVD is a must for all pickleball players looking to improve their game.

    Call Coach Mo for a Private Lesson or a Pickleball Clinic
    at your Florida Community!

    Learn Proper Technique and Strategies to better your game.

    Private lessons are $55.00 per hour and you receive Coach Mo's
    Pickleball Clinics DVD and Pickleball Lessons DVD FREE.
    Call Coach Mo for details for traveling to your community with his Coaching partner Matty Klein.

    PHONE: 978-855-5043

    FREE Pickleball Clinic DVD Previews

    Here is a list of all the Pickleball Clinics on the DVD

    - Grip - Ready Position - Forehand Groundstroke - Stances - Backhand Groundstroke -
    - Volley - How to get to the Net - Footwork - Serve - Return of Serve -
    - Proper Position at NVZ line - Overhead - Lobs - How to Poach -
    - When to go down the sideline - Drop Volley - How to anticipate out balls -
    - How to read spin - Know where you are on the court - How to Practice -
    - Don't be predictable - Additional Commentary by Jim Wright -

    Pickleball Clinics 2 - Percentage Pickleball DVD

    Pickleball Clinics 2 - Percentage Pickleball DVD is now available to
    purchase through THIS LINK at the PickleballCoach.com store.

    Pickleball Clinics 2 – Percentage Pickleball DVD by Coach Mo. If you enjoyed learning from the first Pickleball Clinics – Strategies and Techniques DVD… then you’re going to love winning more Pickleball games by learning to play Percentage Pickleball! In this video series, Coach Mo covers the Percentage way to play Pickleball by teaching students how to reduce unforced errors, how and where to hit the ball to your opponent, and where to play and hit on the court. FREE BONUS DVD - Indoor Pickleball Seminar. This video puts you right in the audience while Coach Mo covers several other key topics of playing smarter Pickleball which is sure to improve your game. This 2 DVD Set is great for Beginner through Advanced players. It's also perfect for Pickleball Coaches or Instructors who want to learn how to teach Pickleball!
    [Percentage Pickleball DVD Approx. Runtime: 1hr 40min]
    [Indoor Pickleball Seminar DVD Approx. Runtime: 40min]