Pickleball Clinics DVD Combo Set by Coach Mo (4 DVD’s)


The Pickleball Clinics 4-DVD Set includes over 40 clinics which are focused lessons on specific areas of the game. These clinics include topics such as grip, ready position, stances, footwork, how to poach, anticipating shots, how to practice, and much, much more. If that’s not enough, the bonus DVD's feature several more lessons on hitting technique, NVZ position, short game, the third hit, the third hit drill, the split step and a full indoor Pickleball Seminar. This media set really covers every helpful tip out there.
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Now you can have your very own Pickleball Lesson with Coach Mo right from the comfort of your living room. These Pickleball Clinic videos cover over 40 of the top “Must Know” Pickleball Clinics for all skill levels!
Ready to take your Pickleball game to the next level? Then what are you waiting for?

Verified Customer Ratings and Reviews

Verified Customer: James Lounsbury
Great Video!

Thank you so very much for a great instructional pickleball video! I haven’t finished viewing all of it yet, but from the parts that I have viewed, my game has vastly improved! I’ll keep viewing and keep improving!

Verified Customer: Richard

Has a lot good information to help a player play his Best.

Verified Customer: Jeff

Coach Mo does a good job of explaining the fundamentals of Pickleball. The video is good (not always great) and there are some sound issues, but nothing that would make this a negative experience.
For beginners this could be an excellent start and reference. For Intermediate players, this is a very good refresher.

Verified Customer: Tim

Coach MO’s instruction is solid advice for all level of players. I can see myself going back to rewatch the clinics to reinforce Coach MO’s Pickleball principles and techniques.

Verified Customer: Jack Yeatts

Good stuff

Verified Customer: Gary Kipp

Was bragging how great a DVD it was to friends and loaned it out and never got it back so ordered another. This one came with bonus DVD. You should be getting future orders from some of my fellow pickleballers.

Verified Customer: Teena

It was very good. Now to put it all into practice!

Verified Customer: Jan

Really enjoyed Mo’s technique. Value his practice drills.

Verified Customer: Mary Ann Brown

Haven’t watched entire DVD yet, but LOVE the clear & concise instruction style. This should be reviewed at least once a day until good habits are formed. Time to find the TIME! GREAT PURCHASE!

Verified Customer: Roger

This is a A MUST DVD for those wishing to improve their game. Great job, Coach Mo!

Verified Customer: Wayne Wilson

I’m still working my way through the lessons, I find them generally infomative and quite helpful.

Verified Customer: Lorraine

I love the clinics because they are so well explained & demonstrated. It’s everything that I expected and more. I’m learning something new every time I watch the clinics . Coach Mo is a great teacher. He takes the time to explain in detail what you need to know to improve your Pickleball game.

Verified Customer: Stan Miller-Nielsen

Great video, good sound and picture. Everything you need to know about pickleball.