Percentage Pickleball DVD – Plus Bonus Indoor Clinic DVD


The Pickleball Clinics 2- Percentage Pickleball DVD includes over 20 of the best instructional Pickleball videos which are focused clinics on the Percentage way to play the game. These clinics include an Introduction, Return of Serve, Shot Techniques, Dink Strategies & Techniques, Dink Drills, Percentage Practice, Volley Techniques, Advanced Techniques, Split Step, Shot Selection, Analyzing Your Opponent, Extending Your Reach, Proper Ready Position, Cure Serving Problems, Groundstroke Tips, Extra Tips with Coach Matty. Order today and reduce unforced errors… learn the percentage way to play… and win more games!
Includes FREE BONUS Indoor Pickleball Seminar DVD
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Pickleball Clinics 2 – Percentage Pickleball DVD by Coach Mo. If you enjoyed learning from the first Pickleball Clinics – Strategies and Techniques DVD… then you’re going to love winning more Pickleball games by learning to play Percentage Pickleball! In this video series, Coach Mo covers the Percentage way to play Pickleball by teaching students how to reduce unforced errors, how and where to hit the ball to your opponent, and where to play and hit on the court. FREE BONUS DVD – Indoor Pickleball Seminar. This video puts you right in the audience while Coach Mo covers several other key topics of playing smarter Pickleball which is sure to improve your game. This 2 DVD Set is great for Beginner through Advanced players. It’s also perfect for Pickleball Coaches or Instructors who want to learn how to teach Pickleball!
– Percentage Pickleball DVD Approx. Runtime: 1hr 40min
– Indoor Pickleball Seminar DVD Approx. Runtime: 40min

Verified Customer Ratings and Reviews

Verified Customer: anna desrocher
pickleball percentages

very well-informed dvds! they offer drills which are so important to improve your skills in the game. bought his first one and now share it with the recreation department for pickleball players to enjoy.

Verified Customer: Keith James
Authentic, Direct, Effective

Coach Mo speaks directly, precisely, and clearly about his coaching passion: pickleball. If you love the game and want practical, common sense instruction, then Coach Mo is your man.

Verified Customer: Mike Sechrist

Order and checkout were a breeze. DVD arrived quickly Now I have several new ideas to try

Verified Customer: SC Stan
Percentage Pickleball

Love all your info–basic, concise

Verified Customer: michael J pesile
5 stars 3.0

The best part was I got the DVD faster then I expected, and of course I immediately watched it, then watched it and watched it again. Great. Coach Mo does not let you down. Complete, understandable and he makes it look easy.

Verified Customer: California Bill
Coach Mo

Called on phone, tape shipped the next day. Information on tape is valuable in improving my game. Bonus tape useful. Pleased with my purchase. Have taken personal lessons from Coach Mo , this tape gives me time to review those lessons.

Verified Customer: Ron Riedesel
Coach Mo DVD Clinics 2

Shipping time was excellent!
Now I need the time to watch the DVD!
Thank You!

Verified Customer: Georgia
Coach Mo

Great videos, I’m a former tennis player and like the fact that Coach Mo teaches the same general tennis principals. Can’t wait for more advanced videos as well as doubles strategies.

Verified Customer: Lynn Dillon

I am always looking for ways to improve my game and the DVD, Pickleball Clinics 2 is excellent. I like being able to watch one segment, practice what I have watched for a week and then view another segment. This DVD has great techniques and tips. Thanks so much for helping me improve my game.

Verified Customer: Karen Pearson
Great Tips from Great Pro

Coach Mo is an inspiring, dedicated and professional pickleball coach and player. I’ve ordered both cd sets after attended his clinics; they are packed with useful information, tips and observations. Coach Mo epitomizes and teaches an all-court game that will encourage players of all ages and levels to improve all aspects of their game. He doesn’t just stick to a few stock mantras; his tips range from basic to pro level…he’s seen it all and knows what any player needs to do to notch up their game. Watching him dink to the left foot, dink to the center and flip to the corner, placing the ball with mastery, is inspiring. He’s no spring chicken (sorry, Mo!) but he’s a master of his universe and he’s a tremendous resource for anyone who loves pickleball and wants to improve their pickleball strokes, strategies, communication and positioning.